Julia Fox’s Net Worth (Updated 2024)

Julia Fox’s Net Worth (Updated 2024)

What’s Jane Holzer’s web worth? 

Net Worth: $200 Million
Age: 83
Born: October 23, 1940
Gender: Female
Peak: Unknown
Nation of Origin: United States of America
Provide of Wealth: Expert Model
Remaining Updated: January 23, 2024


Jane Holzer is actually considered one of America’s type and film icons, whose rise to fame inside the Seventies made an indelible mark on trendy custom.

Her have an effect on not solely influenced Andy Warhol’s art work nevertheless she was the muse for quite a few rock stars and bands who referenced her of their songs.

Nonetheless, she walked away from the nightclubs and drug scene to transform an influential art work vendor, equestrian, and financial success.

As of January 2024, Jane Holzer’s web worth is estimated to be $200 Million.


Jane Holzer Information

  • In 1966, Jane Holzer was dubbed “Baby Jane” by the press, which she disliked.
  • She turned a worthwhile producer with “Kiss of a Spider Girl,” in 1972.
  • Jane was labeled by Women’s Placed on Every day as a method revolutionary inside the mid-60s.
  • She helped to supply Andy Warhol’s film, “Chelsea Women,” in  1966.
  • In 1972, Jane set up the Léo Castelli Furnishings ‘Designed by Artists’ exhibition.


Early Life 

Jane Brukenfeld, popularly known as Jane Holzer was born October 23, 1940, and hailed from a family deeply entrenched within the true property commerce.

Her father, Carl Brukenfeld, was a very worthwhile precise property investor and developer, who amassed his fortune from quite a few property ventures.

No matter coping with academic challenges and being expelled from junior college inside the early ’60s, her family wealth allowed her to find varied selections.

Jane married Leonard Holzer, an heir to a New York precise property fortune, and entered the social circles of New York’s elite.



Sooner than connecting with Andy Warhol, Holzer cherished a career as a model and actress, that features in adverts for a variety of the excessive type houses.

Her foray into the leisure commerce led to her meeting Andy Warhol and inside the Sixties she was hailed as “Baby Jane” Holzer, a method icon.

Holzer’s marriage to Leonard Holzer, an heir to a New York precise property fortune observed Jane changing into a member of the elite of New York society.

Her father, Carl Brukenfeld, was moreover a worthwhile precise property investor who built-in art work initiatives into his developments, notably on the Smith Haven Mall.

Whereas he wasn’t considered one of many richest of us on the planet, Carl moreover constructed his wealth by way of precise property developments and investments in property.


Grew to develop into A Celebrated Movie Star

By way of the Sixties, she appeared in a variety of movies, along with Andy Warhol’s “Cleansing cleaning soap Opera,” “Couch,” “Batman Dracula,” and “The 13 Most Beautiful Women.”

Later, Holzer fulfilled a lifelong dream and co-produced the film “Kiss of the Spider Girl” in 1985, starring William Hurt and Raul Julia.

She was referenced in Tom Wolfe’s “The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby” and inside the 1972 Roxy Music single “Virginia Plain.”

Holzer’s involvement in Warhol’s film “Batman Dracula” led to her parody inside the 1967 Batman episode “Pop/Flop Goes the Joker.”

She was acknowledged as a “type revolutionary” in New York in 1966 by Women’s Placed on Every day, alongside many alternative notable figures.


Recorded Her First Music

In 1967, Holzer tried her hand inside the music commerce and launched the one “Rapunzel”/”Nowhere” on Atco Data, nevertheless didn’t receive widespread attraction.

She was invited to the wedding of American art work collector, editor, dressmaker, and creator, Mary McFadden and DeBeers diamond service supplier, Philip Harari, in 1964.

Jane grew up touring between Florida and New York, as her father’s precise property holdings had been in a variety of cities, requiring his mounted consideration.

Her introduction to Andy Warhol occurred after being expelled from junior college inside the early Sixties and he or she turned a key decide in Warhol’s films.


Turned Her Consideration To Producing Movement photos

She was known as “Baby Jane,” though she didn’t admire it and later distanced herself from Warhol’s productions as a consequence of rising drug use amongst these involved.

After a failed attempt at an showing career, she turned to producing, engaged on initiatives like “Kiss of a Spider Girl,” “Spike of Bensonhurst,” and “Naked Tango.”

Jane was a number of the influential actresses of the ’60s and ’70s, as trendy as Jennifer Lawrence and  Emma Watson are at current.

Her connection to Warhol impressed the title “Pop Paintings” for her Olympic horse which excelled in dressage and have develop into a beloved part of her family.

Whatever the metropolis setting, Pop Paintings remained centered all through teaching intervals, unaffected by metropolis sounds, allowing her to transform considered one of many excessive 10 worldwide in dressage.

Holzer cherished her sport quite a bit that she established a renowned equestrian center in Riverdale, Bronx, after a serious renovation of the stables.

Her Olympic medal is saved at her dad and mother’ dwelling in Toronto as a tribute to their assist which was instrumental in her final finish end result.


Jane Holzer’s Occupation Earnings

In preparation for the Olympics, Holzer obtained quite a few options to take care of the heat,  along with Bikram yoga and ice packs under her utilizing hat.

Holzer hottest scorching local weather over chilly, expressing comfort with Hong Kong’s heat all through the Olympics, and educated Pop Paintings minutes away from her Manhattan dwelling.

Proper right here’s an estimated overview of Jane Holzer’s career earnings:

  • Jane Holzer’s Wage In 2014 – $10 Million
  • Jane Holzer’s Wage In 2015 – $12 Million
  • Jane Holzer’s Wage In 2016 – $13 Million
  • Jane Holzer’s Wage In 2017 – $10 Million
  • Jane Holzer’s Wage In 2018 – $8 Million
  • Jane Holzer’s Wage In 2019 – $12 Million
  • Jane Holzer’s Wage In 2020 – $10 Million
  • Jane Holzer’s Wage In 2021 – $13 Million
  • Jane Holzer’s Wage In 2022 – $12 Million
  • Jane Holzer’s Wage In 2023 – $15 Million

Pop Paintings’s adaptability to metropolis environments highlighted her distinctive teaching and self-discipline and provided the sting she wished to win an Olympic medal.

The transformation of the stables into an elite teaching center underscored Holzer’s imaginative and prescient and dedication to a sport that she beloved.


Jane Holzer’s Net Worth Yearly

Inside the Sixties, Jane Holzer surpassed the movie star of current film star figures like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian who’re universally trendy.

Diana Vreeland, Vogue’s editor, described her as “basically the hottest girl I do know” and Nicky Haslam, a British inside designer, launched her to Andy Warhol.

Proper right here’s a breakdown of Jane Holzer’s annual web worth:

  • Jane Holzer’s Net Worth In 2014 – $170 Million
  • Jane Holzer’s Net Worth In 2015 – $172 Million
  • Jane Holzer’s Net Worth In 2016 – $175 Million
  • Jane Holzer’s Net Worth In 2017 – $180 Million
  • Jane Holzer’s Net Worth In 2018 – $181 Million
  • Jane Holzer’s Net Worth In 2019 – $185 Million
  • Jane Holzer’s Net Worth In 2020 – $188 Million
  • Jane Holzer’s Net Worth In 2021 – $190 Million
  • Jane Holzer’s Net Worth In 2022 – $195 Million
  • Jane Holzer’s Net Worth In 2023 – $200 Million
  • Jane Holzer’s Net Worth In 2024 – $200 Million

Andy Warhol was captivated by her Park Avenue magnificence and edgy persona, whereas Tom Wolfe wrote an essay titled “The Girl of the 12 months”.

Warhol, whose curiosity in type extended previous the art work world, confronted criticism from established artists who denigrated his varied works.


Non-public Life

Holzer’s son, Charles, competed inside the 1992 Summer season Olympics, whereas his partner, Ashley, gained a bronze medal in dressage on the 1988 Summer season Olympics.

Jane is known for her legendary occasions the place you possibly can meet the rich and well-known from the worlds of leisure, art work, and elegance.

Whereas she nonetheless runs her precise property and art work enterprise, Jane will not be pretty as full of life as she as quickly as was on the social circuit.

So for many who need to meet stars like Quentin Tarantino or Brad Pitt, then you definately definately’ll should look elsewhere in your leisure.

Jane Holzer’s official Instagram account is private and he or she would not have an official Twitter account, so she’s not accessible on social media.


Awards & Achievements

His notion in everyone having their quarter-hour of fame fueled his movie-making endeavors, as quickly as capturing Holzer’s three-and-a-half-minute drawback of brushing her tooth with out blinking.

Holzer distanced herself from Warhol’s circle as a consequence of discomfort with unsettling folks like Valerie Solanas, the novel feminist who shot him.

Listed under are only a few of basically essentially the most important events in Jane Holzer’s career: 

  • She purchased her Florida dwelling in 2021 for $7.55 million.
  • Jane was actually considered one of Andy Warhol’s iconic “superstars,” that features in a variety of 60s and 70s films.
  • In 2023, she constructed an intensive and very valued art work assortment, which contains works by Warhol, Basquiat, and Haring.
  • Jane co-produced the 1985 film adaptation of “Kiss of the Spider Girl”.
  • She was acknowledged as a muse and important decide inside the artistic and cultural scene inside the Sixties.

Jane turned a excellent art work collector and precise property mogul, residing in a New York townhouse adorned with works by Warhol, Basquiat, and Haring.

Her assortment incorporates type objects she’s given away or donated to museums, along with a zebra coat worn in {{a photograph}} by Warhol.


How Does Jane Holzer Spend Her Money?

Jane was divorced inside the Seventies and her son, Rusty, has provided her with two pretty grandchildren whom she dotes on like all grandmother.

Her passion for art work led to her investing carefully in updated artists, preferring residing artists and being cautious of probably being misled by fakes.

She maintains an opulent dwelling in Manhattan accompanied by her big art work assortment and having enjoyable with meals prepared by her private chef.

Jane owns a number of the pricey houses on the planet, as one would rely on from the heiress of an unlimited precise property empire.

She these days purchased her $7.55 million dwelling in Florida, which included a half-acre lot surrounded by tall hedges for privateness and security.



Holzer stays actively involved in Warhol-related endeavors, serving to the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh’s Twentieth-anniversary curation and supporting a model new Warhol Museum in New York.

A tribute exhibition, “To Jane, Love Andy,” on the Norton Museum of Paintings in West Palm Seashore, celebrates Holzer and her relationship with Warhol.

Listed under are some highlights from Jane Holzer’s career:

  • She was acknowledged by Women’s Placed on Every day in 1966 as considered one of many “type revolutionaries” in New York.
  • Jane was featured in Tom Wolfe’s essay “The Girl of the 12 months” in his e e book “The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby,” inside the ’60s.
  • She was the subject of tribute exhibitions, akin to “To Jane, Love Andy” on the Norton Museum of Paintings in 1987.
  • In 1994, she supported the occasion of the Warhol Museum in New York.
  • Holzer launched her first single, “Rapunzel”/”Nowhere” in 1967.

The portrayal of Baby Jane Holzer in Warhol’s “Cleansing cleaning soap Opera” marked her introduction as actually considered one of Warhol’s earliest superstars, symbolizing the concept of fame for everyone.

Warhol’s “Manufacturing unit,” turned a hub for these aspiring to be trendy, welcoming celebrities like Judy Garland and Rudolph Nureyev amongst completely different well-known movie stars.


Favorite Jane Holzer Quotes

Nonetheless, the Manufacturing unit’s open-door protection attracted a varied array of individuals, essential Holzer to go away on account of overwhelming setting.

Her father, a worthwhile precise property mogul, significantly contributed to the family’s wealth, amassing a fortune exceeding $1 billion and Jane adopted his curiosity in art work.

Listed under are our favorite quotes from Jane Holzer:

  • “That was hysterical.” – Jane Holzer
  • “Naomi Levine wrapped herself in Saran Wrap with nothing beneath.” – Jane Holzer
  • “It was in order that very cool and gratifying.” – Jane Holzer
  • “I believed it was hysterically humorous – it was good.” – Jane Holzer
  • “I met Andy – it was a number of the excellent moments in my life.” – Jane Holzer


3 Excellent Lessons From Jane Holzer

Jane targets to broaden her art work assortment, aspiring to transform the largest art work collector within the USA and enhance her assortment’s value tenfold.

Her relentless pursuit of the next big artist and enlargement of her art work assortment reveals a dedication to the art work world that is arduous to match.

Now that you just perceive all about Jane Holzer’s web worth, listed under are a variety of the best success lessons to review from Jane Holzer:


1. You Ought to Preserve Up With The Situations

Jane Holzer’s life and career epitomize the notion of evolving with time and preserving an open ideas to get the whole experience.

From her beginnings as a model and actress inside the ’60s to her transition into art work assortment and manufacturing, she tailor-made and developed effectively.


2. Don’t Underestimate The Vitality Of Artistic Custom

Holzer completely embraced her influential perform inside the ’60s, every as a method icon and a muse for Andy Warhol.

Her perform in shaping the artistic and social panorama of that interval highlights the power an individual possesses in influencing and driving cultural shifts.


3. Diversify Your Pursuits

Jane’s pivot from showing and modeling to art work assortment and film manufacturing allowed her to diversify her pursuits and skills.

Holzer’s ability to find and experience numerous inter-related domains illustrates the potential for personal {{and professional}} progress by branching out.



Jane Holzer’s disciplined lifestyle incorporates sports activities actions like volleyball and tennis, coupled with leisure time having enjoyable with a couple of of her favorite TV displays.

Her openness about self-admiration displays that she has a strong sense of confidence, an attribute that contributed to her many accomplishments.

Jane enjoys a privileged life nevertheless her entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to work arduous contributed to her success as an art work collector and film producer.

As of January 2024, Jane Holzer’s web worth is estimated to be $200 Million.

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